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We are the AC Aces
We are Team 11779 the AC Aces, from Allendale Columbia School, in Rochester, New York. We are a third year team. The AC Aces are proud of the tremendous progress from our competition last year. Sharing a 2 year alliance with the KillaBots, we represent 8 students who are passionate about robotics and value the collaboration of our coaches, mentors, and teammates. Our season is a story of optimism, struggle, conflict, failure, grit, determination, and in the end, a story of a team who came together to work together to stand before you today.
Team Students
Cameroon Perry Junior
This year I helped with our infographic and driving. This has been my third year as a driver. The last time we used a tank drive (2 years ago) I was on the servo so this is my first time driving a tank drivetrain. This year was very different for me while I was still a driver, I got to learn about marketing. I worked on our team's infographic flyer and sponsorship message.
Caden Kacprzynski Junior
As an accomplice to the FIRST program for over 7 years now, I am proud to stand as our teams driving coach, assistant builder, and assistant programmer. I do my best to make sure everyone has all the materials they need to complete any task or project they are working on, and am always ready to help out with anything that may be troubling them. This team means a lot to me, and with time becoming limited as competition approached, I did my best to help make sure my teammates and their robot were ready. I’m a Junior at our school, and pursuing a life full of technology, computer science, and photo/cinematography.
Luke Dioguardi Junior
This year (my third year in FTC and my sixth year with FIRST), my role was the main programmer as the programmers from prior years had graduated. When I took on this role at first, I was expecting the process to be pretty easy considering I could use the OnBot Blocks programming. Though I had used the blocks programming language last year, there was still much I hadn’t known about, and learning those things was quite fun.
Matt Duver Junior
I’m a junior who has been a part of FIRST for 8 years. I adapted the same roles that I had from last year. I am a driver who operates the servos on the robot. I also helped contribute to the building of the robot. I helped contribute to the design and building process of the drivetrain and multiple attachments on the robot.
Kasi Natarajan Junior
This is my second year on the FTC team and my fifth year with FIRST. I have taken over the roles that I had last year. I am in charge of sponsorship and keeping track of the parts that we order. I also help the team by keeping everyone on task and if they do not have a task I recommend something that they could do to help the team. This year I also helped in the construction of the robot.
Sarah Ash Sophomore
Although I’ve previously done FLL, this is my first year in robotics. Since most of the team has worked together for multiple years, I decided I would feel more comfortable taking on a more fluid role and doing ‘grunt work’ for the team, which I feel is very important, and practical, as I don't have much knowledge of how to do more complex things. I also took on a slightly managerial roll with checking up on everyone's progress through the practice, reminding them of safety gear, and being suspiciously energetic through the practice.
Eshmeron Subba Sophomore
This is my first year being a part of the AC Aces, as well as an FTC team. During team practices, I helped assemble and disassemble pieces needed for the robot. I was not able to help in most practices because of afterschool conflicts such as sports and other programs. My teammates and coaches were very understanding and always made sure to involve me in an activity.
Jong Won (Tom) Park Sophomore
This is my first year in the AC Aces and on a FTC team. As an avid and experienced website programmer, I am in charge of designing and programming the team’s website. I am also somehow helping with our team’s sponsorships and marketing.
Team Coaches
Mr. Phil Schwartz
An experienced FRC, FTC, and FLL mentor, Mr. Schwartz provided assistance with team organization, the robot design process, general game planning, and parts ordering.
Mrs. Maya Crosby
Mrs. Crosby joined the AC Aces halfway through the season last year, and is excited to be involved again this year! She assisted with team organization, the engineering notebook, and marketing/sponsorship.
Dr. Jeffrey Lawlis Engineering Mentor
Provided assistance in ordering parts and provided mentoring for students on the design of the robot.